Payphone Parody (iPhone) by Brian O'Sullivan @bocomedy I want an iPhone, then when I call home, I'll use the Face Time App for free I need a Siri, to listen to me, my text will go through as blue, and not green Yeah, I, I don't know what I was thinking, when I bought my last cell phone It looks like it's from the 80s, even has a dial tone I wanted something with 4G, cuz that number's bigger than three But I didn't go with an iPhone, now my friends won't talk to me I went super cheap, got a phone for free, now I'm in a contract Til next century, the antenna's stuck, My coverage sucks, if I'm near a tree I want an iPhone, hate being alone, feel like the only guy without one. I got a flip phone, I must be so stoned, cause buying that phone was really dumb. My cell phone doesn't even show the time. I can't look anything up online And texting is no easy piece of pie. If I want to type w, I press 9. Oh, if I want to listen to music, I can't do that on my phone. I carry an iPod from 03, with me everywhere that I go. You can't expect me to like this, I've lost all of my street cred And no one's got the same charger, so my phone's always dead and now My screen has gone black, can't take my phone back, I'm a sorry sack Wish I was a mac, I lost all my friends, my texts rarely send, this shit is so whack I want an iPhone, so when I call home, I won't get laugh at by my mommy I'd use a payphone, instead of this cell phone, cause it's much less embarrassing. My phone can't help me get to any place, Cause when it comes to phones, I have bad taste. If my phone could get apps well, that'd be great, I'd get an app to shoot me in the face Now I want an iPhone.

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