iLost Apple maps Ad (Parody): iPhone 5 iOS 6 this clip was created out of love for apple with the hopes that maps will get better, but for the time being it is just funny. starring Robyn Braun, Jason Serrano, Asi Wind, Joshua Lombard, Shimshi. Voice over by Phillip Chernyak. Music composed by Eric Carden. Apple maps new feature turn by turn navigation and 3D maps are a great additions to the ios 6. and iphone 5 new display indeed makes iphone a better phone. but getting rid of google maps was the main complain about the new update.

Il video dal titolo: iLost Apple maps Ad (Parody): iPhone 5 iOS 6 della durata di 00:00:49, appartiene alla categoria: Parodie ed è stato caricato nel canale Asi Wind. Condividilo con tutti i tuoi amici!

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