OOPS! I Was Tagged! (Share Your Subs) ?

Time for some shout outs! This was so much fun...There are so many wonderful people I didn't get to mention. (Couldn't name everyone at once, we would be here all day, Pretties!) I can definitely film another one of these though in the future. Go check out this fabulous woman:  https://www.youtube.com/user/basserraibraheem *Hopefully* if I get the time soon I can list all of the channels that were mentioned in this video!! Love y'all! ♡ More of Yours Truly  •Instagram• https://instagram.com/amandaa28_ •Twitter• https://twitter.com/AmandaFabbTv •Facebook• https://facebook.com/FabbTv  Watch more fabb♡TV!  SUBSCRIBE, pretty please. ✨https://goo.gl/4FIE6g✨ ☆snail mail: send it my way, y'all!☆  Amanda (fabbTV) PO BOX 893 Talbott, TN 37877 ☞☞☞FAQ's☜☜☜ •••Where are you from? East Tennessee •••What's your name? Amanda •••What camera do you use? iPhone 6s. it's ROSE gollllllllld.  •••What editor do you use? iMovie! •••How old are you? 29 •••When's your birthday? December 28 ♡ •••Can I write to you? ✮YAUUUSSS! My PO Box is listed at the top!✮ •••Are you accepting collabs or "Friend Mail" Swaps?  I am not accepting either of those at this time, I'm sorry Pretties.

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