Fart Girl blows her guts out - GRAPHIC CONTENT!!!

Girl lights fart which backfires and blows her guts to kingdom come. Lighting a fart with a lighter up your butt, some featured farts from family guy, what the fcuk sort of siht do you cnuts search for? Science experiment, i stick a mini ipod up my ass and this is what happens.... From one youtuber to another, thanks for watching! instructional on lighting a fart, notice the yellow genie, later it grants me 3 wishes! you need an anus full of methane and a lighter, follow on screen instructions... 1st wish - can of coke 2nd wish - a flick knife 3rd wish - vagina's its all good...... now subscribe and give me a thumbs up, this video took hours to make you cunts....

Il video dal titolo: Fart Girl blows her guts out - GRAPHIC CONTENT!!! della durata di 00:00:04, appartiene alla categoria: con accendino ed è stato caricato nel canale Bongo OldChap. Condividilo con tutti i tuoi amici!

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